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There are countless books, songs, and movies about the swift passage of time and how it causes us to lose track of what matters most. Just think of the song “Cats in the Cradle” as an example – it talks about the stages of life passing so fast that our kids are suddenly grown, raising families of their own, and unable to pay many visits.

So, why allow this to happen when you can make a date for annual family photography sessions? Whether you are a family of two with some furry “kids” or a family of many generations, making a point for regular family photography shoots gives a gift to future (as well as current) generations.

However, there is more to it than just coming together and all saying “cheese” for the auto-timer. You want really good family photography in order to benefit the most from your efforts. How do you get the best photography? You already know the first step – making a point of gathering together for a session at least once each year.


Now, it could be something as simple as meeting at a studio, but it might be far more valuable to host a true family gathering or reunion. You can hire a photographer to wander about the group and then get that coveted “group shot” before anyone heads home.

To make sure that any and all family photography is the best possible, you also want to be sure you have selected an ideal setting. It can be someone’s home, a large event space, an intimate restaurant, or anywhere that allows for an accurate portrait of your family at the time.

What to wear?

You also want to consider what people are wearing. Some of the most memorable and appealing shots are when families wear specific color groups, or agree to wear garments that play a role in the overall result of the image. As an example, a family might compete for the ugliest sweater every year, and just consider how funny that photo might be! However, everyone might agree to wear pale or neutral colors to work well in a chosen setting, etc.

The point is to make the plans and make a date for family photography. You can get individual portraits along with a large group, you can enjoy just a small family session, or you can do this more than once each year. The most important thing is to get those images and get together!

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