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Hi! I am Mark, a visual artist. I make things look BEAUTIFUL!
Here are some of my recent work as a Real Estate Photographer. I do photography and video! Please feel free to submit your inquiry by clicking here  or call me directly: +36304760242

I wish you a wonderful day!


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Videography sample:







How to prepare your flat for Real Estate Photo Shoot

This is a short checkpoint list which I send to all of my new clients before our first photo shoot. It really saves time and makes us more efficient.

A walk-through of the property needs to be completed to verify that it’s ready to be photographed. Please have in mind the following checkpoints:

  • Perform a regular cleaning of the property (dust, cobwebs, etc )
  • Turn on ALL the lights, this includes lamps, stove lights and under cabinet lighting
  • Spare bulbs in a kit are to replace burnt out or missing lights.
  • Turn on all gas or wood fireplaces
  • Open all the curtains and turn blinds to 45° up (Provide as much natural light as possible)
  • Hide ALL garbage cans / waste bins
  • Shut all toilet seats and pull back shower curtains
  • Close all cabinet and cupboard doors and drawers (bathrooms, kitchens, dressers etc.)
  • Remove all personal effects and pet items (toothbrushes, soaps, lotions, pet dishes, toys, pet beds etc)
  • Unplug / hide any visible wires, cables, cords
  • Check fresh bathroom and kitchen towels
  • Check sinks for cleanliness
  • Remove clutter or unnecessary items
  • Isolate / hide unwanted large items

You may see some more photos to get inspired