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We think of Valentine’s Day as an official day for sweethearts and lovers around the globe, however, it is also a very family friendly day as well. After all, it is a day dedicated to love and who is more beloved than our kids, pets, spouses, family, and friends!

Though it is a day in which many adorable greeting cards are exchanged along with sweet treats such as candies and flowers, it is also an ideal day for Valentine’s photo sessions too.

Why not spend a bit of time and effort capturing the unique energy and creativity that surrounds this most romantic and loving day? There are some wonderfully inspiring galleries of Valentine’s sessions online and you might use them as a source for your own photography. However, you can always ensure the very best Valentine’s sessions simply by working with a reliable professional photographer.

Do they actually offer such things?

Absolutely! However, you will find that there are many differences between the results. This is why you should begin the process of selecting a professional photographer by creating or choosing your personal theme.

This is what we mean: You might have a toddler who is enjoying their first Valentine’s Day…does their chubby figure remind you of a Valentine’s Day icon…say a little winged fellow by the name of “Cupid”? Why not use that theme for the Valentine’s session and have the photographer work with you to capture the child as Cupid?

No kids yet? Maybe you want to give your sweetheart a romantic portrait of you as a gift? You can work with your photographer to create a sweet and sentimental image that will appeal to them year after year. For example, a woman in a red dress holding a heart, or a man in a red bow tie holding an oversized “kiss me” candy…these would be great ideas to use for Valentine’s sessions.

Maybe you want a family portrait that asks all of your friends and family members to be your Valentines? That too is a great theme.

Clearly, the list of ideas and options is almost endless. The first step is to decide just what that Valentine’s session will “say”, and to then locate a creative and enthusiastic photographer ready to work with you to capture that message. You might even create an annual tradition and do a Valentine’s session every year!


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